Glass Services


Our Apologies, But At This Point In Time We Do Not Have A Float Glass Supplier. We Can Only Offer Glass Services For Warranty Clients.

Please Try Contacting “Glass Doctor” or “At Home Glass” for all your window glass needs.

Glass Cut While You Wait

Need a piece of glass cut? We can help. We stock sheets of both single and double strength glass, mostly clear, but a small selection of tinted and obscure is available as well. Simply stop by our shop at anytime during our normal business hours and an associate will be happy to help you.

Window Re-Glaze

Has the glass in your window broken or fogged? Allied can replace (re-glaze) that glass for you.

If the window is one of ours that we’ve installed, you’re covered, just call in and a service representative will set up a time to get that fixed for you.

If the window isn’t one of ours we can still help. Bring in the sash with the broken glass and we’ll fix it for you in our shop. If the window is single glaze, it can usually be done same day. If it is insulated (double pane) glass, we’ll need to measure and order you a new insulated unit. If you can’t bring in the piece, we’re sorry, but we can’t help; Instead check out the phone numbers of some service providers we recommend on our Service & Repair Flow Chart.